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1. Identify the functions of infinitives and give Russian equivalents as shown in the following examples.
Translate the sentences into Russian
1.1 Example: То explain this simple fact is not so very easy.
a) Объяснить этот простой факт не так легко.
b) Объяснение этого простого факта является не таким легким.
1. To give a true picture of the surrounding matter is the task of natural science.
2. To compare the theoretical data with the findings obtained in the series of experiments was necessary for further simulations of the process.
3. To consider the special properties of matter in the colloidal state would be outside the scope of this book.
4. To coordinate the work of many groups of scientists who do research in this field is a very difficult task.
5. To increase the amount of heat passing through the body is to increase the temperature difference.
6. It is impossible to say when electricity was first discovered.
7. To define the amplitude of a wave is to determine the maximum value of the displacement.
8. To heat a body is to bring it into a contact with a body at a higher temperature.
9. To make a choice between these two alternatives is not an easy task.
10. To make such a prognosis means to learn from the past experience and to extrapolate the knowledge into the future.

1.2 Example: To solve this problem you have to carry out a lot of experiments.
Для того чтобы решить эту проблему, вам придется провести много экспериментов.
1. To be able to forecast the future we must begin by a thorough analysis of the past course of events.
2. To understand the importance of this discovery we should know all the facts concerning the history of the problem. 3. It has become possible to modify the Periodic Table so as to bring out the structural features more clearly.
4. Experience shows that science can be put to many good uses, but also that it has been used to cause great harm. 5. To improve the accuracy of the device a number of investigations were made.

1.3 Example: The technique of collecting information will differ according to the problem to be solved.
a) Методика подбора информации будет различаться в зависимости от проблемы, которую надо решить.
b) Методика подбора информации будет различаться в зависимости от проблемы, которую будут решать.
1. The theory to account for these changes has not been developed yet.
2. An interesting distinction to be made here is between problems and techniques.
3. At that time the project, later to be taken over by another laboratory, was still in progress.
4. An important point to be dealt with in the next chapter is different techniques of data-processing.
5. There is not very much experimental data on which to base a decision between these two possibilities.  

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