Знатоки английского помогите c текстом песни я сам писал но кажется много ошибок и недостающих слов

sleep when im dead
right now i’ve got the recipe to make bread
jealousy niggaz want bullets in my head
envy niggaz want to catch me sleepin but never get
ill get enough  sleep when im dead

you think its all a joke but no never know
I tried to told you she was real
Watch you whole I hate you
that you feeling pain look at you blood splatter
you see that bright white light i brought you find a chapter
you jelly when you see me i since a lot of hatred
you realy wanna be down and gettin missin 8th
m o biddy blood that infamous cousin
my whole unit whole bunchin whole dizz it buzz it
you circle all around you planting on you death
you scheamin on you dying you cant never catch me sleeping
cuz im watch on you think you watch on me stupid
i got a drop i got the u i’ve been em gonna use it
right now im on my shit police is on my dick
they see that power i procession know my strap is crazy
bulletproof truck my shit got covered skated
when i get back i have a home out that (nally) way it

you think its funny game some till  your body laid
i stretch people out yeah thats right you better hear me
they hey cannnot blame it and make a bone shatter
they taking head with the bozooka on that Laurelton
the fifty seven blast the fofrty four explow
i got a wholy down you fuck around you got a gone now
baby baby love she wants one thug and them
i feel out with love deeped and roll deeper
get em dirt exprome now how ya honey bond
you know the game pimp playa how ya catching feelings
fuck a stupid bitch im damn stupid rich
my money retarted you faking now get crazy thinkin
never get no rest but i’ve be no stax
never cant relax cuz my brain is high by active
all about the dough about the dough heard you
i heard you looking for me nigga here i go

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  1. я перевела эту песню на русский язык ничего не понятно не песня, а НАБОР СЛОВ)))

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